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Rescue Pups have oftentimes come from very difficult and hard situations…they need understanding, love, companionship and time to learn the rules of your home and adjust to their new family and environment. Are you willing to give them every opportunity to ensure a successful adoption into your family and home? Yes No


The dogs optimum health must be maintained through the feeding of quality dog food (recommended are Canidae, Blue, Wellness, Innova, Nutro, Natures Recipe, Etc.

Perfect Unions Animal Rescue Foundation, Inc. reserves the right to a follow up visit and to ascertain that all conditions of this adoption agreement/contract are being upheld at all times. Should any term or condition of this agreement/contract not be upheld, PUARF, Inc. reserves the right to terminate this agreement/contract and recover the dog.

If for any reason a problem should arise with your newly adopted dog please contact us at
970-274-1690 and leave a message if no answer.

The dog must wear identification at all times

A rabies vaccination must be provided for this dog immediately by your vet. If the dog happens to be a puppy under 16 weeks of age at the time of adoption the adopter is responsible to take the puppy to their vet once he/she reaches 16 weeks for administration of his/her rabies vaccination.. Adopter hereby agrees to follow prescribed vaccination schedule for the dog for necessary remaining vaccinations. A vaccination history record w/ pic and description of adopted dog will be e-mailed or sent to the Adopter within a week of being adopted and then becomes the sole responsibility of the undersigned Adopter to ensure that the dog is kept up to date w/ current, routine vaccinations and all necessary medical treatments from that day forward w/ their personal vet.

I/We hereby release PUARF, Inc. from any liability, damage or injury hereafter caused by said dog. I/We understand that some of the information that has been given to us by PUARF may have been received by a 3rd. party and PUARF, Inc. does not warrant the accuracy of that information and can not be held responsible for such.

PUARF, Inc. recommends and asks that you give your newly adopted puppy/dog at least 7-10 days to adjust to his/her new family, home and environment. If and only during this 7-10 day period, the dog is returned, 50% of your adoption fee will be returned to you and the other 50% will be considered a donation to our rescue efforts. After this 10 day period no portion of the adoption fee will be returned to the adopter.

I/We agree by printing, sending and/or e-mailing this application back to PUARF, Inc. and by signing electronically or physically below, that I/We are agreeing to uphold all conditions contained within this Agreement/Contract and by doing so have just entered into a legal and binding contract with Perfect Unions Animal Rescue Foundation, Inc., a non-profit corporation, and becomes effective upon approval of this application and the animal has been released into the adoptor(s) custody. I/We affirm that all answers on this application are correct and true.